Training Program

Traditionally, Shaolin does not have levels or coloured sashes. Coloured sashes are occasionally used for different uniforms (occasions). Belt levels are not introduced because we believe that it gives a student a false sense of security. Coloured belts approach presently in this 'Martial Arts Society' are partially commercial and also makes some students arrogant and egotistical.

Sek koh sam Shaolin Martial Arts


Shaolin Martial Arts, or Shaolin "wushu" training is more than a means of self defense or physical combat; it is a philosophy and a way of life. In its purest form, the way of Shaolin balances the physical self with spiritual self through discipline, practice, focus and concentration. 

Our Shaolin training program caters to both the casual  and the enthusiast. We focus on 5 core areas

Exercise that are developed to build a strong basic foundation and to promote self-discipline, physical development, and the right mental attitude. Regular and consistent workouts will help students to build a good and strong basic foundation. These exercises consist of techniques applicable to real life situations. Regular practice will help students to develop these movements into second nature.

Shaolin Qigong

Shaolin Qigong and Tai Chi share a common philosophical background. Qigong movements like Tai Chi are slow and graceful, as well as rhythmical and balanced. Exercises stimulate and balance both internal and external energy (Qi). Qi is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Daily practice of Shaolin Qigong is rewarding, resulting in health and well-being both physical and psychological.


Shaolin Taijiquan


Tai Chi has traditionally been thought of as a "Soft" Martial Arts, even though millions practice it for general health and well-being.

Exercises are in a set form of continuous movements, and are lengthy, slow and rhythmical. Practice of Shaolin Tai Chi Aids in the natural Healing if the mind and body. daily Practice of Tai Chi helps to relax individuals both mentally and physically.

Streetsmart Urban Survival

This program is geared towards Equipping students with the right attitude and approach towards Self Defense. Apart from its theory & concept, Students will learn the importance of perception, sitautional awareness, action & reaction, as well as practical, fundamental techniques and principles of self-defense.

Student will also be taught how to use common everyday objects such as belts, newspapers, umbrellas etc. to subdue attackers.

The streetsmart urban survival program can be tailored to students of varying ages from children and teens to adults even seniors.

This program  is ideally suited for individuals, small businesses, organizations as well as schools.



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