Shaolin has become world renowned for its martial arts training.

Chin Hock Tan was born in Singapore, and is currently teaching Sek Koh Sam Style of Shaolin Martial Arts in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Tan has dedicated over 50 years to the training and teaching of this style of Martial Arts.

Shaolin martial arts were brought to Canada by Chin Hock Tan, a disciple of Master Ng Ser Kow of the Singapore Sao Hua San Athletic Association. After the passing of Master Ng, Tan became a protege of Master Lau Eng Guan (Tan's elder brother). Tan has benefited from Master Lau's knowledge and skill.



An enthusiast in martial arts, Tan has participated in pugilistic events, demonstrations, and exhibitions. Tan has undergone a course in competition judging, conducted by the Singapore National Pugilistic Federation (a government regulated body to monitor all martial arts and self-defence organizations and individuals). In addition he is a certified and qualified instructor in martial arts and self-defence (a requirement by law for all martial arts instructors in Singapore). His credits include being a committee member for the advancement of Shaolin Martial Arts in Singapore. Tan also holds the positions of assistant general secretary and disciplinary officer for Sao Hua San Athletic Association.

Tan has trained and mastered in several forms such as Cui Li Quan (Pushing Qi) , San Hsing Quan (3 animals form) and long and short weapons such as staff and sabre. Also, he has developed a series of exercises to help  his students prepare for confrontational situations.

In 1995, Tan and members of the Singapore Shaolin Organization were officially invited to attend the 1500 year anniversary of the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China. Tan has also contributed to the standardization of 'Yi Zhi Mei' for the Complete Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts.